Monday, December 1, 2008

Christmas Box House Tree

My work got a great opportunity with The Christmas Box House this year. We got to decorate their Christmas tree! The CBH has a Christmas tree up all year long, each month they decorate it different. Easter theme, Halloween theme... And we got to do the most fun theme of all, CHRISTMAS!!!

Some of the guys at work headed down early to put the lights on the tree before the ladies got there to decorate. Me, Tahna, Julie, Christy, Barb and Ryan and his brother-in-law got to decorate. We had so much fun! Our theme for the tree is " Santa's Workshop" Me and Tahna brainstormed for an idea and between the two of us that's what we came up with.

The tree was decorated with block cars, planes, and trains. (so cute) We had little stockings filled with little toys for all the boys and girls. The ornaments were green and red and red with white swirls. And... the tree topper was a Santa hat! The tree looks so good, and the kids are gonna love it!

We all had a blast doing it, we all love helping out the CBH whenever we can. Its a great Charity to be involved with.

Merry Christmas kids at the CBH.


Destini said...

Looks cute! You guys did an awesome job!

TAHNA said...

This was so fun and I think it turned out pretty cute :)