Friday, December 25, 2009

MeRRy ChRIstMAs 2009!

Ashlynn & Austin with Grandma Patty
This Christmas was a really good one and a really different one for me. I started shopping for Christmas very early... Like in October. :) It was really nice to have it all wrapped up before Christmas and really spend time doing other things like.... recognizing just how wonderful my family and friends are!! I really have some amazing people in my life and i can truly say I have NO idea what it would be like or where I would be without them. I got to see everyone this Christmas and it was great! :D I hope everyone had a great Christmas. To: my family & friends- I love you all dearly and I'm very
grateful for your friendship, love and care.
Now for some cute & fun pics.... I didn't take many pictures this year (very weird of me) I took all the christmas pics at my mom's and dad's house.

Ashlynn & Austin opening presents...
Michaela, Me and my Dad all together on Christmas morning... :)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Me, my dad and my wonderful little sister Michaela were out doing some Christmas shopping at Shopko when Michaela decided she should be taking pictures... a lot of really weird and random pictures....
There are some of me... walking and looking at shoes and a lot of her... taking pictures of herself while sitting in a booth near the shoes...

She's a cute little girl and i never really talk about her so here is her own post... just for you Michaela :)