Friday, July 25, 2008

Intermountain Medical Center

My dad stayed in St. Marks for about a day and half. His insurance is not carried or whatever at St. Marks so we had to transfer him to a different hospital, so he got sent to The Intermountain Medical Center in Murray. Its a great hospital and he was treated great! When he got there he was put on the trama floor because he needed surgery soon. Well his injuries really weren't trama like other patients on that floor but thats where they put him. His doctor was Dr. Chardack. He was a great doctor but really busy. He was supposed to get his surgery the day he got there and it kept getting pushed to another day. He ended up waiting about 4 days before he finally got his surgery. His room was on the 7th floor and he had a really cool view. It was pretty intertaining sitting there while my dad was sleeping. I watched people go in and out of Costco and the Southern Exposure... and i also got to see the helicoptor take off and land.

This was one of the view from his room

Well he finally got his surgery and finally got to eat. He didn't want any hospital food so we got him some Wendys! He stayed in the hospital for a couple days after to just keep an eye on things and make sure he was healing ok.

Wendy's YUM!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Bad accident

My dad has epilepsy and has seizures a lot. When you are diagnosed with epilepsy, your not allowed to drive anymore so he got him self an electric bike to get him to the store and back and fourth from work. Its worked out for a long time now, but this July he had a really bad accident. He was on his way to get some dinner at KFC and he went into a seizure. He feel down and broke pelvis bone and shattered his elbow. When he came to, he was in a lot of pain and really cut up, so he got back on his bike and went home. He called me when he got home and said that he thought he might need to go to the hospital. When i got to his house, i agreed that ya he did! He could barely walk and his elbow was so swollen. We got him to St. Marks Hospital and got him all checked in. They did some X-rays and told us the bad news. He was gonna need surgery on his elbow because it was shattered and his pelvis was just going to have to heal on its own. So they checked him out and sent us on our way. Well he still had a hard time walking, and when he was getting out of my car to go inside his house, we heard a pop, crack like sound and my dad started to scream! It was so scary. I started to cry and didn't know what to do. We called 911 and had them check him out and they thought he should go back to the hospital. So we got him back to the hospital to find out that his pelvis bone had cracked all the way! The ER doctor decided to just have him stay over that night and get it all figured out the next morning.
My dad at St. Marks Hospital