Sunday, December 28, 2008

Brighton Ski Resort

LeAnne and Boyce took me and Aaron snowboarding and skiing with them and two of their boys on Sunday. I tried snowboarding last winter and it didn't go so well so this year I decided to try skiing. We all started on the bunny hill and then after about two runs we headed to he next lift, I think it was Majestic. The first run was pretty fun, I was just getting the feel for that hill. Me and Cordell seemed to always be behind the group, but that's ok! We still rocked it Cord! The second run was the best run for me. I think i feel about 2 times but not that hard. I was feeling really confident and excited to go again. The whole time Aaron, LeAnne, Boyce and Callen were doing great. Me and Cordell seemed to be struggling a little. I think that me and Cord have a hard time flying down a Mountain. So we got to the end of the Mountain and decided to go again. And that last run sucked for me! I feel so hard! And in a bunch of really deep snow. It was so embarrassing and really cold! I hated that part. I got my self together with Aaron's help and started down the Mountain again..... AND then...... I fell again. Really hard! So when we finally got to the end of the run I wanted to go rest. We got some lunch and rested for a little. I was hurting so much! lol and Aaron was really sick so we decided to go home early. :( Thanks again guys, it was a blast!
In all we both had a lot of fun and I'm up for skiing again! Thanks Boyce and LeAnne! I love you guys and had so much fun! Thank you so much for all you have done for me! I love you and your family so much! Good job Cordell and Callen. I love your new boards. :)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! This Christmas was amazing! It was a really busy day but so much fun.

We left and headed to my dads house after that. I got to see my older sister Brandy and my adorable niece Ashlynn! And my little sister Michaela and my dad. Ashlynn was having so much fun opening her presents. She got so much fun stuff! I got her some cloths, a baby doll and stroller, some dress up stuff and a stocking full of fun stuff. It was really nice to spend some time with my family. Later that day my uncle Doug and cousin Jessica came over to see everyone for Christmas too! Seeing all of the family is one of my favorite parts of Christmas.

We left my dads and headed to our last stop, Donna and Dave's family. We were all meeting at Donna's daughters house, Dawn. Dawn, her husband Andy and Donna cooked a really good dinner for everyone. Donna's two daughters and their family were there. I have lived with Donna and Dave for more than a year and over that time i have become really close to all her family and look at them as my family too. I don't really see my mom any more and I don't really have a relationship with her either, Donna has really supported me and showed me what its like to have that kind of mother daughter relationship. She has been there for me through so much! So spending time with her and her family is just as important as seeing my family.... So anyways.... after everyone was done eating we all sat in the living room and opened some presents. I got a fun and cute ring that i saw in a Cookie Lee catalog, some scrapbook stuff and.... A book! And the book i really really wanted. Its called 13 reasons why. Its really good and i was so happy when i got it. Aaron got a shirt and loved it! We got Donna a scrap store gift card and we got Dave a gift card to Barnes & Noble.

This Christmas was my favorite. We got to see everyone and really spend time with them. We had so much fun Christmas shopping for everyone and each other. We love everything we got and we hope everyone loves what they got too! Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve!

Christmas eve me and Aaron had a lot of trips to make. Aaron had the day off so he just stayed in bed till it was time to get ready. I had to go to work for a Christmas gift exchange which was a lot of fun. After that I headed down to my dad's work party that they have every year. They do a gift exchange too and have a huge meal all planned out. After that party I meet up with Aaron and his brother Zack and we all headed out to their Step dad's house. Everyone from that side of his family was there! And.... They also cooked a meal.... and dessert! They let the little kids open all their gifts first and then the adults. Me and Aaron got a 4 person tent, sleeping bags, a blow up mattress and some gift cards. We left that get together and headed to Aaron's moms.

I always enjoy going to Aaron's mom's house. She is so much fun and always a sweetheart! She cooked an amazing dinner, like always! Aaron's Grandma Vickie and his uncle Tim and his two kids along with Aaron's brother and little sister were all there. We got so much stuff from all of them too! His mom got me and Aaron a vacuum, pots & pans, some PJ's and stockings full of a lot of fun stuff. And his grandma and his uncle got us a coffee maker, a can opener and lots of other stuff. I love Aaron's family so much! Thank you so much Candy, Ryan, Tim, Vickie, and Kodi! We love everything, and we love you guys so much!

T-bOnE, KoDi and TaYloR!

When we got home we let each other open one gift from each other... I got some really cute black slippers and Aaron got some new undershirts! YaY! Love ya babe.

Work Gift exchange...

My work had a gift exchange on Christmas eve at work. The party started at 9am. and we got to leave when the party was over! It was so much fun! Everyone brought a gift and we all had to draw a number and as the gifts started to be opened other people could steal them! For example.... I got a quesadilla maker and Ryan stole it, so i stole a blanket from Morgan and then she stole the maker back from Ryan...! But eventually he ended up with it and after the gift is stole 3 times its locked, so i ended up with a really nice brown blanket! And Ryan got his quesadilla maker.

There was on gift that really stood out and got a ton of laughs! Tahna bought some lingerie, the sleeping beauty movie and some popcorn. ( Sounds like a really romantic night huh) LOL well.... Marshall ended up with that! It was so funny! The best part was when he put it on for all of us!

That morning was a lot of fun! Merry Christmas everyone!
The picture uploaded really weird, but you get the point... Thanks Marshall! You look great!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

2008 InfiniTeam Christmas Party!

Saturday was a pretty full day for me and Aaron. We had two Christmas parties to attend. The first was at Aaron's great grandma's. It was a lot of fun, I got to meet more of Aaron's family and visit with the ones I already knew.

So my work has a Christmas party every year and they decided to have the party at the Millcreek Inn, like last year. Its such a beautiful place and perfect for the Christmas party. Just about everyone came this year. This year though was a little different... Steve had a "live band" His son attends the School of Rock... and he plays the drums... And the kid can play! And so can all the other kids! They were all so good! The main singer was amazing for 15!

Almost everyone was out there dancing! I danced with John for a bit but I dont think I was very good so I quit that... and Barb took Aaron out for a bit too! LOL
Me & John dancing!
A big thank you to Steve! We really enjoyed our night! Millcreek was great, the food was great, the people were great and the band was great!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Ruth's Chris

Friday night Boyce and LeAnne took me and Aaron to Ruth's Chris for dinner.
The food was so good! It really was the best I ever had! Me and LeAnne had the filet and I don't know what Boyce and Aaron had, but mine was so good! They are the funniest people to hang out with... We always have a blast with them

Thank you so much! We had so much fun! The food was great and so was your company! We need to get together more often like that... We love the boys but we also love hanging out with just you guys too! Thank you so much again! We love you!

Saturday, December 13, 2008


One of my favorite things about Christmas is wrapping presents! I love seeing the new papers out and picking out my favorite and all that good stuff. Me and Aaron went to Walmart and got some red, gold and silver wrapping paper, along with bads and tissue paper. :)

I was so excited to wrap presents that we started right when we got home!

It was lots of fun! I can't wait to give everyone their gift!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

A Saturday with Ashlynn...

Saturday was a very fun filled day... I got up early that morning so me and Tahna could go do some shopping. We went to a boutique in Lehi and one in Saratoga Springs. We had lots of fun!
Then later that day I went to my friend Ashley's jewelry party and got a really cute necklace... Then I went to my dads to pick up my dad and Ashlynn. We went to my house first to meet up with Aaron and then we were off... My dad wanted to get some Christmas shopping done for me, my little sister and Aaron.

We first went to TJ Max. We found a lot of stuff for my sister there. Then we got hungry so we went to the Ice Burg on 123rd... And that was when Ashlynn started to be a goof ball... She loves Aaron... She is always saying "I want my Air!"

When we were done eating we went to the South Town Mall and got a lot of stuff there! We went to Mervyns first to see what they had and as we were leaving Mervyns and going into the main mall there was a little dinosaur playground. We let her play in that a little. She was so cute, she was laughing at everything and jumping around and just being silly.

We finally left the playground and started walking around the mall. We went to a lot of stores and as we were leaving we stopped to see Santa... Ashlynn seemed excited for it. We weren't getting her picture done so I decided to take some while we were in line.

Then... It was her turn to see Santa!... And she could careless. She ran right to the candy and the story books and started grabbing candy. We finally got her to sit on Santa's lap but not for long. He asked her what she wanted for Christmas and she said " Um... Open this" She was asking him to open her candy. When he didn't she said "let me go" and jumped off his lap and ran to the toys they use to make some kids smile. We knew then this was a bad idea, LOL. So Aaron picked her up and took her away. Man! What a feisty little girl! Its all that red hair, but we still love her. We then left the mall and went home.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Our First Christmas Tree

Our Tree!

This Christmas will be mine and Aaron's first Christmas together. :) I'm so excited to share this holiday with him and his family and have him share it with mine as well. I really wanted a Christmas tree, so Aaron and I went and got one! We bought the tree from the Family Dollar, its a 6 ft, pre-lite tree. Its was only $25 so we kind of thought it might be a piece of crap and we would have to take it back, but it wasn't! We went to Walmart first to get some ornaments, they didn't have a very good selection, but we got some stuff. Then we went to Target and found a lot of really cute stuff, including our star. :)

Aaron was such a great sport!

We had a lot of fun decorating our tree, I can't wait for Christmas!!! It's going to be great...

And... even though Aaron thinks I'm weird I had to put up a little tree in the bathroom... :) Its so cute, its a little silver tree with green, pink and blue ornaments with little presents under it.

LOL! Isn't it so cute!!! I love it... :)

Monday, December 1, 2008

Christmas Box House Tree

My work got a great opportunity with The Christmas Box House this year. We got to decorate their Christmas tree! The CBH has a Christmas tree up all year long, each month they decorate it different. Easter theme, Halloween theme... And we got to do the most fun theme of all, CHRISTMAS!!!

Some of the guys at work headed down early to put the lights on the tree before the ladies got there to decorate. Me, Tahna, Julie, Christy, Barb and Ryan and his brother-in-law got to decorate. We had so much fun! Our theme for the tree is " Santa's Workshop" Me and Tahna brainstormed for an idea and between the two of us that's what we came up with.

The tree was decorated with block cars, planes, and trains. (so cute) We had little stockings filled with little toys for all the boys and girls. The ornaments were green and red and red with white swirls. And... the tree topper was a Santa hat! The tree looks so good, and the kids are gonna love it!

We all had a blast doing it, we all love helping out the CBH whenever we can. Its a great Charity to be involved with.

Merry Christmas kids at the CBH.