Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Work Gift exchange...

My work had a gift exchange on Christmas eve at work. The party started at 9am. and we got to leave when the party was over! It was so much fun! Everyone brought a gift and we all had to draw a number and as the gifts started to be opened other people could steal them! For example.... I got a quesadilla maker and Ryan stole it, so i stole a blanket from Morgan and then she stole the maker back from Ryan...! But eventually he ended up with it and after the gift is stole 3 times its locked, so i ended up with a really nice brown blanket! And Ryan got his quesadilla maker.

There was on gift that really stood out and got a ton of laughs! Tahna bought some lingerie, the sleeping beauty movie and some popcorn. ( Sounds like a really romantic night huh) LOL well.... Marshall ended up with that! It was so funny! The best part was when he put it on for all of us!

That morning was a lot of fun! Merry Christmas everyone!
The picture uploaded really weird, but you get the point... Thanks Marshall! You look great!

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TAHNA said...

I'm still laughing about Marshall! I'm so glad the plan worked and that Marshall chose the gift :)