Saturday, December 20, 2008

2008 InfiniTeam Christmas Party!

Saturday was a pretty full day for me and Aaron. We had two Christmas parties to attend. The first was at Aaron's great grandma's. It was a lot of fun, I got to meet more of Aaron's family and visit with the ones I already knew.

So my work has a Christmas party every year and they decided to have the party at the Millcreek Inn, like last year. Its such a beautiful place and perfect for the Christmas party. Just about everyone came this year. This year though was a little different... Steve had a "live band" His son attends the School of Rock... and he plays the drums... And the kid can play! And so can all the other kids! They were all so good! The main singer was amazing for 15!

Almost everyone was out there dancing! I danced with John for a bit but I dont think I was very good so I quit that... and Barb took Aaron out for a bit too! LOL
Me & John dancing!
A big thank you to Steve! We really enjoyed our night! Millcreek was great, the food was great, the people were great and the band was great!

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TAHNA said...

It was so much fun watching everyone dance. Especially you and John!! LOL.