Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Lake Powell 2009

**More Pics are coming-My camera broke so LeAnne was so nice and took all the pics :)
Lake Powell 2009 Baby! Its that time of year again that I head to Lake Powell with the Sanderson's. :) I absolutely love Powell. Its the most amazing lake- its so beautiful and always an amazing site! We stayed down there for 5 days and had a blast! So we set up camp and did some shopping and just hung out Friday night- it was so nice to just relax by the fire- very needed for both of us. Saturday the fun began, we visited with some of Boyce and LeAnne's friends, and that was fun to just sit, talk and have some drinks. We ate at Antelope Marine.... yummy and a very cool place.... But, once off the lake I got to see just how red i really was! Not a pretty site. Anyways boating was so much fun! Monday we went to Rainbow Bridge and that was an amazing thing to see. I've seen it before but it never fails to take my breathe away, we got there really early this year, which was so nice! It wasn't scorching hot walking to the bridge. Monday was my favorite day out there. We got the wake surf, knee board and tube out. Everyone, even little Julian got up on the Wake Surf but ME! But I did try... I think I'm afraid of the board lol. Oh well, I WILL get it one day. But enough about me, Aaron got up and it was awesome! It looked so fun! So then everyone else tried and CORDELL- Got up! It was so awesome to see him up and doing so good on it and he LOVED it!!! So after the wake surf Aaron wanted to get on the tube, so he did-well he fell off and hit the water pretty hard, his ear was killing him he said, we he thought well maybe if i dive it will relieve some pressure, nope! It made it much worse. We went to dinner that night and then to get some shirts and he was in so much pain and said he had to go to the hospital- So we took him to the Page Hospital- they said he had a bulging eardrum. He gave him some pain killers and antibiotics and sent him on his way and then he was just fine. :) So even though Aaron had to go to the ER the last day this Lake Powell trip was the best yet! Thank you so much Boyce and LeAnne- The trip was amazing and so much fun! You guys are so awesome! I love you guys so much!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Walmart makes me SO mad!

So some of you might know that my dad has epilepsy- he had it has a child and then went away when he was a teen- then when he was an adult it came back. So he got his epilepsy back when he was about 30 and has had it ever since. He has had MRI's EEG's and all sorts of test and is even a candidate for brain surgery- So there is some background- well he takes medicine called Keppra and Trileptal- and just recently we made a horrible switch- we decided to go to Walmart pharmacy for his meds- BIG MISTAKE! He started going to Walmart in January 09 and things have been fine- then in April the pharmacy gave him the wrong meds! They gave him is Keppra but instead of Trileptal they gave him DayPro- an arthritis medicine! Can you believe that!!! So it wasn't til May 18th when we caught it- he was having so many seizures and just wasn't him self so we looked into his meds and found the mistake. We confronted Walmart and they totally owned up to the whole thing! We are now in a case- well have been since that night and finally- well i hope- we are coming to an end and an agreement! I hope- or i should say they hope! This has been such a mess and so scary. I have been so worried about my dad- if you know me then you know that I handle ALL of my dad's heath needs. Dr. appointments- i schedule them all and take care of everything. So i have a really good understanding of what he needs and what is normal for him. So when this all happened i jumped right in and started getting him seen by every doctor he needed to be seen by. I was so worried about him and didn't know what was going to happen or what damage had been caused. Well after A LOT of appointments and test we found out that it will take 3 to 6 months to get his seizure meds back on track and back on track with his body- he has an ulcer (biopsies show it was created by the DayPro) he's lost 15 pounds! due to the ulcer ( he was 130 to begin with- very skinny man- he really had no weight to loss) and a whole lot of worry and stress. Well it is now May 25th and he has gained 3 pounds! That is awesome for him! I was so happy and very excited to see him finally improving- he's only had 1 seizure in the last two weeks! and is doing really well. But.... Now I'm in a fight with Walmart- We are working on a settlement- and so far what they have offered has been a joke! I couldn't even believe it! I'm a fighter when it comes to him- so today we should be coming to an agreement- just waiting for that call- But just make sure you really look at what your taking- Some people asked us- Well doesn't he look at what he is taking- and yes he does but the pill looked the same he just didn't look at the bottle- But we should be able to trust our pharmacists! They go to school for this kind of stuff! I didn't think i ever had to question them. Well we were wrong- and thank god their careless mistake didn't kill him or do any permanent or serious damage. We are all so thankful that he is doing good and that this headache should be soon- VERY SOON i hope- OVER!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Scentsy Party

My FIRST Scentsy Party!!! So I have been a Scentsy consultant for a little while now and finally had my first party... at.... Roberts House! (thanks Robert) It went great! We had a good crowd and good sales- I had so much fun setting everything up and making it look all cute. The next really fun part- Making thank you cards (which i love) and putting the orders together and then delivering them! I love getting the party orders in and putting them all together with their own little thank you card. I hope everyone had a good time and I hope everyone loves their Scentsy stuff!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sick Puppy

Our cute little Charlie gave us a BIG scare! I cooked some chicken drum sticks and for some reason we left our plates in his reach while getting some yummy fruit pizza and Charlie got TWO drumsticks and ate them all! We called Aaron's mom to ask what to do ( cute right, he's like our kid and we're asking mom for help) she said we should try to make him throw them back up. So..... we then fed him MORE chicken and got him to drink a lot of water AND Aaron spun him around and around- and still not a thing back up. We were still really scared so we called a 24hr vet hospital and they said whatever happens try not to make him throw up!!!! So then we try all night to calm him down and get him to relax and NOT throw up, and he didn't! He listened! Well its been 5 days and he is still kickin! Thank God!
We love him so much and have become so attached to him and losing him would be horrible. So we are so thankful he is ok and not hurt at all! :)
Thanks Candy- even tho we weren't supposed to take your advise- you were so great and kept ME calm! :) Love ya!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

pRiDe PaRadE

Bryan & Sue Sue at Pride 2009-

Pride 2009!

Saturday, June 6, 2009


GAY PRIDE BABY! I have the most amazing friends who are gay/lesbian. So to show off our pride we all went to PrIdE together on Saturday. At first there weren't a lot of people and it was kinda slow, but when we were leaving it was getting more busy and looked like the night was picking up. We still decided to leave because the Pride Parade was Sunday and they were all going to go. So we left and met up with Aaron and Zack (they didn't attend Pride) at the mall- we all watched Brian and Jeremy shop- Funny stuff! Then we got some dinner and headed to Roberts to have our own PRIDE after PARTY! Bryan- Love this guy "Don't you love face detection"YES BRYAN!" Me, Bryan, SueSue and Jeremy-:D