Friday, October 29, 2010

Boys & Girls Club Trunker Treat

This year my work sponsered The Boys & Girls Club of South Valley- Our first activity with them so far was a trunker treat held at their place.... We had a HUGE turn out thanks to the wonderful people at InfiniTeam Insurance and all our family and friends that came out to support this. There was about 150 kids this year from the Club, all of them were so sweet and so dang cute running around and having fun with all of us. When I was a little kid I went to the Boys & Girls Club- I had a great experience when I was young so it felt so good to be able to help out and give the kids a good time! :)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pumpkin Carving

I can only remember one other time in my life that I carved a pumpkin and that was so many years ago so when I got invited to carve pumpkins I was soooo excited! I went over to Aaron's moms house and we all had a really good time carving our pumpkins and afterwards we baked the seeds and they turned out great! Thanks Candy for such a fun time!

All the pumpkins!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Girls Trip 2010

Once again my wonderful work sent all the lovely ladies at InfiniTeam Insurance minus Kayli, to Park City for our annual Girls Retreat weekend! We all had such an amazing time and didn't want the weekend to end. This year we stayed at Randy & Cindy's gorgeous Deer Valley home, which was incrediable and this year everyone was able to make it for at least a whole day!

Friday afternoon we started to head up the mountain, everyone kind of went at different times but we were all there at about 5. After everyone got the grand tour and got all settled in we all changed into our comfy cloths then we started munching, talking, playing games and then started dinner. We had the best dinner! We had steak and chicken kabobs with grilled shrimp and garlic bread! It was so tasty and cooked perfectly. After dinner everyone just hung out, played more games, watched movies or just read a book and of course some hot tubing!

Saturday was such a wonderful day, we had crapes with just about every topping you could think of! They were amazing! After breakfast our message therapists arrived to start our individual hour messages! Oh they were heavenly... My message wasn't until later on so i watched a movie and relaxed. While some ladies were getting messages others were either relaxing, getting their toes done or doing some crafts. That night we all went out to dinner at Cisero's and then we saw Thriller! It was such a fun night, when we got back to the house i wasn't feeling very well and pretty tired so i just went to bed early, while most of the other ladies stayed up doing crafts and hanging out.

Sunday morning was a nice and quite one, Starr made us a delicious breakfast and the rest of the day (until we had to leave) we did crafts and hung out. It was such a great weekend and by far the best InfiniTeam Girls Retreat. Thank you so much Steve for sending us away for a wonderful weekend and thank you ladies for making it so great!