Thursday, December 4, 2008

Our First Christmas Tree

Our Tree!

This Christmas will be mine and Aaron's first Christmas together. :) I'm so excited to share this holiday with him and his family and have him share it with mine as well. I really wanted a Christmas tree, so Aaron and I went and got one! We bought the tree from the Family Dollar, its a 6 ft, pre-lite tree. Its was only $25 so we kind of thought it might be a piece of crap and we would have to take it back, but it wasn't! We went to Walmart first to get some ornaments, they didn't have a very good selection, but we got some stuff. Then we went to Target and found a lot of really cute stuff, including our star. :)

Aaron was such a great sport!

We had a lot of fun decorating our tree, I can't wait for Christmas!!! It's going to be great...

And... even though Aaron thinks I'm weird I had to put up a little tree in the bathroom... :) Its so cute, its a little silver tree with green, pink and blue ornaments with little presents under it.

LOL! Isn't it so cute!!! I love it... :)


TAHNA said...

Its cute!! How fun, your first tree :)

Destini said...

Your a dork! (Who puts a tree in the bathroom?) Anyway have a great first tree Christmas!