Saturday, December 6, 2008

A Saturday with Ashlynn...

Saturday was a very fun filled day... I got up early that morning so me and Tahna could go do some shopping. We went to a boutique in Lehi and one in Saratoga Springs. We had lots of fun!
Then later that day I went to my friend Ashley's jewelry party and got a really cute necklace... Then I went to my dads to pick up my dad and Ashlynn. We went to my house first to meet up with Aaron and then we were off... My dad wanted to get some Christmas shopping done for me, my little sister and Aaron.

We first went to TJ Max. We found a lot of stuff for my sister there. Then we got hungry so we went to the Ice Burg on 123rd... And that was when Ashlynn started to be a goof ball... She loves Aaron... She is always saying "I want my Air!"

When we were done eating we went to the South Town Mall and got a lot of stuff there! We went to Mervyns first to see what they had and as we were leaving Mervyns and going into the main mall there was a little dinosaur playground. We let her play in that a little. She was so cute, she was laughing at everything and jumping around and just being silly.

We finally left the playground and started walking around the mall. We went to a lot of stores and as we were leaving we stopped to see Santa... Ashlynn seemed excited for it. We weren't getting her picture done so I decided to take some while we were in line.

Then... It was her turn to see Santa!... And she could careless. She ran right to the candy and the story books and started grabbing candy. We finally got her to sit on Santa's lap but not for long. He asked her what she wanted for Christmas and she said " Um... Open this" She was asking him to open her candy. When he didn't she said "let me go" and jumped off his lap and ran to the toys they use to make some kids smile. We knew then this was a bad idea, LOL. So Aaron picked her up and took her away. Man! What a feisty little girl! Its all that red hair, but we still love her. We then left the mall and went home.

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Brandy said...

Why don't you ever take me to have fun?
Is because I'm not a cute redhead?
Very cute pics!