Friday, December 17, 2010

Giving to the kids

Everyone at my work wanted to do something for the kids at the Boys & Girls Club for Christmas, we all decided it would be really cool if we could give them something- Turns out the kids were in a great need of coats, gloves, scarfs, hoodies and backpacks. We started spreading the word that we were collecting those items to give to the kids. We only had about three weeks to get donations and in those short three weeks the results were great! So many people at my work as well as our customers really stepped up and helped out. Friday a couple of us went to the Club to drop everything off- The kids were so grateful and so excited for all the new stuff! It was such a great experience! I love kids and I love giving so for me their cute little faces lighting up was such a gift back to me and for my co-workers. We had perfect timing as well- Santa was scheduled to visit the kids at 5 that day- we got there at 3 with all the stuff so Santa was able to give each child a gift! How amazing is that!? I am so glad we are sponsering the Club this year, the staff has been great and the kids are always wonderful! I really hope all the kids had a great Christmas.

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