Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Happy Thanksgiving! I had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year. I got to see so many people that i love and are truly grateful for. I started my Thanksgiving off the night before by making pies with Cindy, Valerie, Kayli and Carter :) It was so fun to learn how to make the pie crust and then put it all together. Thanksgiving Day I went to Cindy and Randy's at noon for their family dinner. The food was amazing! Cindy has always been a wonderful cook so i wasn't surprised. The day with them was great, I got to see Blake, Valerie and their baby Bronx who is almost one now... Skylar, Carter and Kayli and of course Cindy and Randy. Everyone was in such a great mood and having a really good time with each other.

Later that day my dad, Michaela and myself went to Donna's mom's for another amazing dinner. There i got to see a lot of faces that I don't normally get to see. :) It was cool to see how some of them has changed and to get some time to talk with them. Donna's son in law Cliff, deep fried the turkey and it was sooo good! I had never had that before and i loved it! We stayed there for a bit and got stuffed and relaxed with everyone. We really had such a nice time, after we left there i took my dad and Michaela to Cindy's for some pie that i made! It was so yummy!

There are so many things that I'm grateful for.... My wonderful and amazing family- Each individual person has been there for me in one way or another and I am who I am today because of all of you. You all mean the world to me. I feel so blessed to be apart of your lives and so grateful for you all. My crazy, loving and beautiful friends and co-workers- You are all like family to me- I am grateful for all you have done for me over the years. I would also like to express how grateful I am for my job, I truly love what I do and I'm grateful for the industry and company I work for. :)

Well I hope everyone out there had a great Thanksgiving holiday!

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