Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope all my family and friends had a very blessed, wonderful, safe and memorable Christmas this year! I had an amazing Christmas. I started Christmas morning off at my dad's house with my little sister, my mom and dad. I think we all had a great Christmas- Thank you Mom, Dad and Michaela for the great gifts- I love you guys and was so happy to see you Christmas morning.

I went to Cindy and Randy's as well Christmas morning. Kayli, Blake & Val, Carter and Sky were all there... I think we can all agree that we had a great Christmas there too! Thank you so much everyone for all the great things you got me... I feel so blessed to have you as my family. After everyone was done opening presents we made breakfast as a family and relaxed a little. Later that day I met up with Adam, he took me to meet his mom and step dad, his mom was so cute and pretty funny in her own way. Thank you so much Adam for letting me meet you mom. :) Later that day Adam and I went to the movies to see Tron with two of his brothers. Its their tradition to go see a movie Christmas day. It was great to meet more of Adam's family :) Adam thank you so much for all you got me! Merry Christmas!

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