Saturday, November 1, 2008

The November 1st Party

Robert, SueSue, me and Virginia
On Halloween, my friend Robert was going to have a Halloween party at his new apartment but i ended up getting sick and a lot of other people ended up not coming. So we decided that if i was feeling better the next day and everyone else was in we would have the party that day... So we did... We called it our November 1st party!!! It was so good to hang out with Robert again, we never see each other now that we are done with school. I also got to meet his boyfriend that he has wanted me to meet for the longest time now! His name is Tory, and he is so nice!

Well the night was pretty crazy, a lot of stuff happened, but it was all fun! I also met Roberts cousin SueSue, she is so freakin cute and i love her! She has the best spirit and is the most sweet girl! I also met his roommate Virginia and she is such a doll! I love that girl as well. But when i was a little "not myself" i told her boyfriend and her at the same time that she could do better! RUDE... But he is a jerk so i don't really feel that bad. Well the night ended and Aaron's dad came and got us and took us home. ( Thanks Scott )
Aaron, Me, Robert & Tory

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