Thursday, October 30, 2008

Trunker Treat

So everyone at my work decided that it would be cool to do a trunker treat for the kids at the Christmas Box House. So the day before Halloween we went to the House and set up all our trucks and cars and had a trunker treat! We were able to invite other people to help out so i invited LeAnne and Boyce and they came with two of there kids, Cordell and Julian. Boyce and LeAnne came as pirates, and were dressed so cool! I loved their costumes. Cordell was a girl, and he made such a cute girl! And Julian was Darthvador from Starwars. They were so cute and I'm so happy they came.

We used Aaron's truck and decorated it with spider webs and some dryice. I was dressed as a witch and Aaron was a construction worker. We also brought Ashlynn and my older sister Brandy along. Ashlynn was a little witch and had so much fun walking around with Aaron and Julian.

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