Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My oldest sister, Brandy and my adorable little niece moved to Colorado over the weekend. I'm not sure the exact reason at this point and I'm not sure if she made it either. I just heard from my dad and my other older sister that she was moving. I guess things weren't really working out with her and her boyfriend and maybe she's just tired of Utah. I don't think she has a phone at this point so I just emailed her. I haven't heard if she's made it there ok or what but i hope so. I'm going to miss my cute little niece. I really hope she's going to be ok and that nothing bad will happen to either of them. I wish I could have at least got to say goodbye but my sister was in such a rush that no one got to. I hope they come back to visit soon or move back... My sister has no family in Colorado- just one friend.

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