Thursday, September 10, 2009

No fear or tears

My cute little Ashlynn decided she wanted her ears pierced! Cute huh! Me and my sister Brandy were walking around the mall and out of no where she said she wanted her ears pierced. :) We talked to her about them hurting and she was still confident and said "they will only hurt a little" so we said ok and took her to get them done.

She did so good too! Me and Brandy were way nervous tho!! OMG We were the scared ones! So anyways we got her in the chair and still no fear coming from her...

She got the first ear done and was pissed!! She looked at the lady and said "you hurt me... Don't do it again" ha ha funny girl... then the second ear and still no tears or anything! She just looked at the lady and said "i said don't hurt me" ha ha she is so cute! Then she jumped down and was like k whats next.

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