Monday, August 10, 2009

Back to Powell I go.... Bullfrog..... Ohhh 9

As you all know I LOVE LAKE POWELL! My first Powell trip was with the awesome Sanderson Family- We always go to Wahweep. Kayli's family goes to Bullfrog- my first time there- It was so cool! I really liked it. We stayed on a really nice house boat with a bunch of cool people... All of Kayli's mom's friends were down there and Kayli's brothers and their other halfs... and Kayli's BF. :D So us "kids" just hung out together and had a blast! We were out on the lake a lot and when we weren't we were having fun on the house boat- I headed down with Kayli, Sean and her little brother Carter Sunday... We got out on the lake first thing! BTW- I got up on the Wakeboard! WHoop WHoop! I was so freakin happy! I didn't master the surf board but that was due to Sean throwing the board at my head! :) Anyways it was a lot of fun... Thank Kayli & Cindy!

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