Friday, January 16, 2009

HaPpY BiRtHdAy aShLyNn

My cute little niece just had a birthday and is now 3 years old! Her real birthday is Jan. 12 but I didn't see her. I wanted to do something really fun and special for her, so I took Friday off from work and spent the day with Ashlynn! During the week me and Donna talked about some fun things we could do with her while she was her. So we came up with a very eventful day. We invited Riley up to play with Ashlynn. When Riley got there we started making sugar cookies! They had so much fun! They helped roll and cut out the cookie shapes and then they got to frost the cookies and put sprinkles on them. They made a BIG mess but it was so worth it! When they were all done with that we helped them make some sticker pages. I really don't know what you would call what they created but it was so cute and lots of fun.... I guess its scrapbooking for tots!
Dawn and Cody came back over to sing happy birthday, eat cake and open gifts. Ashlynn got a FurReal puppy and a FurReal dog and some play dogs.... She loves dogs! Her and Riley ate some cake and played with all the toys and when Aaron got home we took the girls to Jungle Jim's!
Happy Birthday Ashlynn!

So Jungle Jim's is not really what i remember when i was a kid, but it was fun for them. Ashlynn went on every ride! She is such a brave little girl, I think her favorite ride was the airplanes. It was so funny, Riley wanted to go on the ride but when i started she started crying and yelling HELP! And Ashlynn is in the plane in front saying... YAY!
The whole day was so much fun! Very exhausting but fun! Thanks Donna! You were a big help! I couldn't of done it with out you. :) Happy birthday Ashlynn Rae!

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TAHNA said...

Sounds like a very fun day!! She's such a doll :)