Sunday, May 23, 2010

Cruise 2010

I got to go on a cruise with my best friend Kayli Marie!!!! :) Kayli's mom Cindy and Cindy's fiance Randy were the ones who took us on the cruise. It was absolutely incredible!!! I had a blast!! Every part of the trip was amazing. So it was a 10 day vacation for me- Thursday we headed to Florida, we got in late but Friday got up early to go to Epcot. I had never been so it was such a great experience for me. Epcot was a lot of fun. All us girls even go to dance with Chubby Checkers on stage, it was awesome!! So even after that long day in Epcot we couldn't go to sleep because tomorrow we got to go on the ship and our cruise week began!! Saturday we got up ate and got ready to leave. The drive from our hotel to the ship was an hour long!! We could barely stand it!! We finally arrived and from a distance in the van we saw our ship!! It was incredible! I can't explain how I was feeling right when I saw that ship. It didn't take us long to board the ship and get everything were we needed it. Right when we got on we started taking pictures! About 15 minutes later Cindy and I were on the dance stage!! :D We got all settled in and just decided to hang out. Sunday was a fun day at sea as Carnival would call it- We had such a fun time hanging out on the ship. We went to our church service where Vaughn Jay Featherstone spoke- he's a very important figure in the LDS church so it was really cool to meet him and hear him speak- a very different experience for me as well. One I will never forget and one that lead me to start looking into the LDS Church Later that day we hung out by the pool and then went to the ship kick off party on the lido deck! It was so cool!! They showed us a video of the ship being built and its first time out at sea and then they passed out glow sticks for the laser show!! It was so cool!! Monday was our first day of excursions. We were in Cozumel, Mexico. We got to go see the Mayan ruins in Tulum- it was an amazing site!! We took a long bus ride to the actual site then a short train ride to the ruins... then we had a long walk through the ruins. Monday night was our first elegant night on the ship. It was so fun to dress up all nice and go to dinner looking so elegant. Later that night me and Kayli just decided to hit the hot tubes then we were off to bed. Tuesday was another day for excursions. We went to Roatan- it was a very poor place but the people were amazing!! We feel in love with our cute little tour guide. Her name is Melody. She was such a sweet girl. So we started off our day by going to a Zip line park!! It was fun!!! Me and Kayli had never been on zip lines so it was so cool that we got to do that together. :) We had a really cool bunch with us, including Sarahmay who is 86! Oh ya 86 and she totally rocked those zip lines- it was awesome. We even got to hold a monkey at the zip line park!! After the zip lines we headed to the beach to meet up with the rest of our group and just spent some time on the beach and shopping :) That night we got all dolled up and just had fun on the ship. We went to a magic act and a dance show and then later we played some bingo!! Wednesday we went to Belize- we had to be up at 7 am! and ready to go... well there was a really bad storm so our ship couldn't dock in Belize so we just sat in the ocean close to Belize and farriers came and got us. We had a 30 minute bus ride to a local restaurant then we got had a 25 mile boat ride to the ruins. It rained a lot while in the boat so by the time we go to the ruins we were drenched- it was so worth it though. We got to see 2 Stella temples- Stella ruins are very rare- There are only like 14 in the US and we got to see 2!! We also go to see some incredible ruins like the Jaguar Temple which was one of my favorites and the Stella 9. We got to climb up the Stella 9 and that was so cool!! That night we went to the deck party and hot tubing with Jordan, Murray, David and Kathrine. It was a blast!!! Then later me and Jordan went to the club and stayed out way to late!! So much fun tho!! Thursday was our last day of excursions- We were in Costa Maya, Mexico. We got to see more really cool ruins and then went to a really cool local restaurant and went swimming and jumping!! I even got pics of all these fish that were in the water with us!! The whole day was a blast and all the excursions were amazing!! That night was our last elegant night on the ship so me and Kayli got all dolled up again- Later that night we went to the comedy club and met the comedian Mike Macy- he was so freakin funny!! Kayli was super tired so she went to bed early- I ended up staying out like all night! Just having a blast at the club and hanging out with everyone!! Friday was another fun day at sea- and kinda our last day to be with everyone. During the day we just hung out with everyone and then at dinner Vaughn Featherstone and his wife had dinner with us. The crew members sang goodbye to all of us then the rest of the night we all just had some fun... FUN FUN FUN! The cruise was absolutely amazing and I'm so glad it went!! I am so glad I got to experience all of that with Kayli- She's my best friend and even tho she missed her Saunder boy she was such a blast and was and always is an amazing friend. And a BIG thank you to Cindy and Randy for taking me on the trip and taking care of everything!! I am so grateful for it all!! Love you guys!!

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TAHNA said...

How fun!!! That's so great that you were able to go with them and it looks like you had a TON of fun! Miss you!