Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Lake Powell 2009

**More Pics are coming-My camera broke so LeAnne was so nice and took all the pics :)
Lake Powell 2009 Baby! Its that time of year again that I head to Lake Powell with the Sanderson's. :) I absolutely love Powell. Its the most amazing lake- its so beautiful and always an amazing site! We stayed down there for 5 days and had a blast! So we set up camp and did some shopping and just hung out Friday night- it was so nice to just relax by the fire- very needed for both of us. Saturday the fun began, we visited with some of Boyce and LeAnne's friends, and that was fun to just sit, talk and have some drinks. We ate at Antelope Marine.... yummy and a very cool place.... But, once off the lake I got to see just how red i really was! Not a pretty site. Anyways boating was so much fun! Monday we went to Rainbow Bridge and that was an amazing thing to see. I've seen it before but it never fails to take my breathe away, we got there really early this year, which was so nice! It wasn't scorching hot walking to the bridge. Monday was my favorite day out there. We got the wake surf, knee board and tube out. Everyone, even little Julian got up on the Wake Surf but ME! But I did try... I think I'm afraid of the board lol. Oh well, I WILL get it one day. But enough about me, Aaron got up and it was awesome! It looked so fun! So then everyone else tried and CORDELL- Got up! It was so awesome to see him up and doing so good on it and he LOVED it!!! So after the wake surf Aaron wanted to get on the tube, so he did-well he fell off and hit the water pretty hard, his ear was killing him he said, we he thought well maybe if i dive it will relieve some pressure, nope! It made it much worse. We went to dinner that night and then to get some shirts and he was in so much pain and said he had to go to the hospital- So we took him to the Page Hospital- they said he had a bulging eardrum. He gave him some pain killers and antibiotics and sent him on his way and then he was just fine. :) So even though Aaron had to go to the ER the last day this Lake Powell trip was the best yet! Thank you so much Boyce and LeAnne- The trip was amazing and so much fun! You guys are so awesome! I love you guys so much!


Morgan said...

That looks like so much fun! I'm jealous! I absolutely love powell! I'm glad you had a blast! You deserve it!

TAHNA said...

I'm glad you had fun!! Sucks Aaron got hurt though :( And your camera broke :(

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