Friday, February 27, 2009

A weekend with the Sanderson boys!

Me and Aaron were asked to watch Cordell and Julian for the weekend, Friday to Monday morning, we said yes. Cordell is 9 and JuJu is 4, and they were sooooo GOOD! The first night we went got some BK for JuJu and Arby's for the rest of us. We all headed to our house to eat while i packed my bag for the weekend and the boys met Roxy. Roxy is Aaron's little sisters dog so we let them play with her. They had so much fun with her! It was so cute to see Ju run around with this tiny dog. When it was time to go they asked if we could take Roxy with us. We told them that we would bring her the their house one day.... Saturday was a more eventful day. We had two soccer games and pictures after. Cordell's game was at 1 and he did great! He scored twice and his team was the winning team! It was awesome to see my little bro out there scoring! After his game we got some slurpee's and a treat and we headed to his friends so he could sleep over.

Cordell is the blue team.
Then it was time for Ju's game. I just woke him up from his nap and he started to cry, he said he wanted to see Roxy lol ( oh what did we start ) he got over it and dressed and we headed to his game. His game was lots of fun too. The little kids looked to cute out there. I think they were 3 to 4 in ages. Julian did great too! He scored a lot! He was so funny, after like 10 or 15 minutes into the game he just hung out by the net and when the ball came his way he kicked it in! :D so cute! But after 30 minutes of that the whole team decided that soccer wasn't for them. But they finished it out and won!

Sunday Cordell came home and we just hung out at home til it was time to go to dinner. Aaron forgot his work clothes so we went to our house first to get that, and see Roxy and then we went to Chef Tom's for dinner. YUM!!! Aaron really doesn't like that place and I have no idea why because its amazing! Anyways we got them home, teeth brushed and in bed. And Monday morning got the kids ready and off to school. The whole weekend was fun. The boys were so great and both listened so well.

Love ya kids!

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