Thursday, June 12, 2008

Lake Powell 2008

Cordell & Julian

I love boating! And my favorite lake is Lake Powell. This was my second year going with LeAnne and Boyce. ( Thank you! ) I had so much fun! I was being a little sensitive at time and I wish i could go back and change that... But I can't but next year will be different. :) They were so nice and let me bring my friend Juliann. Me and her went to school together. She had never been to Powell, but she had a blast! She got along really well with LeAnne and Boyce so well, so that was good. I had a blast with Julian and Cordell... I love those little boys. They are so much fun! I have babysat Cordell sense he was 2! And now he's 9! WOW! Julian is 4 and such a cutie! This family has helped me out so much, they have been there and supported me through so much. I just want to say thank you again for being so great to me. I love you guys so much! I'm so happy to be apart of your family!

Rainbow Bridge

Me, LeAnne and Cordell

So back to Powell, we stayed 5 day and 4 nights. I got a really bad rash at the end but that's OK. ;) I got to see Rainbow bridge ( which is amazing ) I also knee borded! I still need to get up on the wake bored and one day i will! I just know it! We staying on the beach and every day the water rose... It was so cool. We stayed at Wahweap and our camp site was right in front of Lone Rock. We stayed out on the boat almost all day. Our daily routine... Get up, eat breakfast, pack lunch, pack the boat up, get out on the boat, have FUN, eat lunch, and around 9 come back and go to dinner. :) FUN!!!!!! I will never forget that vacation, and can't wait to go again!


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